Wild West hospitality Published on April 6, 2014

Korsik saloon wild west timber frame barThe homeowners are empty nesters, who both have demanding jobs that entail travel. When they get back to town they like to unwind with friends, so a party space was a top priority for their home addition.

Korzik, living, railing, moose, massachusetts, timber frame custom homeAnd perhaps because one of them is from Colorado, the addition to this New England farmhouse has a Western feel, not withstanding the mounted moose head.

The large open-plan first floor includes a saloon bar, a pool table, and plenty of room for guests to mingle or to drift toward the blaze in the fieldstone fireplace in the adjoining living room, with its cathedral ceiling and overhead wagon wheel lighting. A loft railing that utilizes saplings from the Adirondacks was installed by Massachusetts building contractor Ron Keddy.

moose profile, in Massachusetts timber frame

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