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We have worked on many projects designed by architects and look forward to more.

The timber frame adds drama to this informal living area.

Whether you are planning a house, an addition, or a set of trusses for a great room or commercial space, we are happy to explain how a timber frame is engineered, Timber framing can fit seamlessly into your design and building schedule.

When clients see our frames they are amazed and delighted that this level of craftsmanship is available and affordable. So contacting us may be an important step toward complete client satisfaction.

After the frame raising, most of our frames, with the exception of uninsulated barns, are covered by SIPS (structural insulated panels) on the rafters and sidewalls of the building. Therefore, if your clients are calling for Net Zero buildings, you’ve come to the right place.

In short, timber frames or timber trusses enhance projects designed by architects..

Our Architects Guide to Timber Framing may answer many of your questions. Meanwhile, see our list of services below.


This timber frame hallway adds drama to the second floor of this residence.A frame from Hardwick Post & Beam includes the following services:

  • Timber frame drawings that include joinery details. (Five sets.)
  • Purchase and preparation of timbers (green timber in the species your client prefers, typically red oak, Douglas fir, hemlock, or Eastern white pine); standard treatment includes chamfered edges, smooth planed and oiled faces, and wax-sealed end grain.
  • Cutting of the joinery by hand at our Massachusetts workshop. We use traditional joinery for strength, durability, and appearance.
  • Shipping the frame to your client’s site anywhere in North America.
  • Traveling to the site and assembling our frame on the first deck. We peg every joint and leave the frame secure.
  • Most importantly, all necessary communication with subcontractors to insure a smooth flow of work and satisfactory completion of the project.
  • In addition, where the local building department requires an engineer’s stamp, we have the plans reviewed and stamped by our engineer.

projects designed by architects can be enhance by timber frames or timber elements



Please contact us today. We look forward to your call.

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