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Our Services

We offer a range of services in addition to building the frames.

We have an optional, in-house design service and often custom design the buildings that we frame, working directly with the property owners to determine their needs and goals for the project. But we also build frames from floor plans that come to us from architects and contractors.

We construct the frame out of heavy timbers, using mortise and tenon joinery that we cut in our shop. Then we label each piece, truck the crafted timbers to the building site, and raise the frame. Finally we secure the frame with sturdy pegs.

After the frame is constructed, most of our clients choose to enclose and insulate their buildings with structural insulated panels (SIPS). Energy efficiency is key to green building.

We communicate and coordinate with everyone involved in the project as needed.


Our specialties are:

Timber Frame Design

Residence 3D Model


Heavy Timber Fabrication

Cutting a tenon into a post


Timber Installation

Installing a bent onto its piers


Heavy Timber Millwork

Alpine village white oak


Supplying hard to get timber

Round natural tree center post


Timber Frame Kits

Timber frame kit


Complex Timber Solutions

Assembling complex timber bird's nest


Small Timber Fabrication

Custom timber and copper awning


Hardwick Post & Beam