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We coordinate with contractors from start to finish

Though we build only the timber frame, we are thoroughly familiar with all aspects and phases of construction. As a result we work well with contractors and can coordinate with sub-contractors as needed. Our proposals detail every step of our process, so you know what is involved and covered in our pricing.

We supply a detailed proposal and five sets of working drawings, and communicate throught the process.If we design the building as well as provide the frame, we supply a complete set of working drawings. Drawings include outside elevations, floor plans, window and door schedule, foundation plan, and cross sections as well as the frame drawings.

Most importantly, we come to the site and raise the frame. This is always a great day for the client and the contractor as well as our crew of timber framers.

We work well with contractors and also coordinate with sub-contractors as needed.A frame from Hardwick Post & Beam includes the following services:

  • Five sets of timber frame drawings. These drawings include joinery details.
  • Purchase and preparation of timbers.  We use green timber in the species your client prefers: typically red oak, Douglas fir, hemlock, or Eastern white pine.  As standard treatment we chamfer edges, plane and oil faces, and wax-seal end grains.
  • Cutting of the joinery by hand at our Massachusetts workshop. We use traditional joinery for strength, durability, and appearance.
  • Shipping the frame to your client’s site anywhere in North America.
  • Traveling to the site and assembling our frame on the first deck. We peg every joint and leave the frame secure.
  • All necessary communication with subcontractors to insure a smooth flow of work and satisfactory completion of the project.
  • If the local building department requires an engineer’s stamp, we will have the plans reviewed and stamped by our engineer.

Most of our clients want insulated, energy efficient buildings, (with the exception of uninsulated barns). Therefore we recommend covering the completed frame with SIPS (structural insulated panels) on the rafters and sidewalls. We will coordinate with the panel company chosen by the client, but usually we work with Foard Panel. Foard sends their panel crew to the site shortly after the raising.

The panels are “sandwiches” of rigid foam insulation, with sheets of oriented strand board (OBS) on either side. On the exterior side of the installed panel, the OBS is the base for shingles or clapboards. On the interior the panel company applies blue board, ready for paint or plaster. Using panels allows you to close the building in quickly. As a result, tradesmen can get to work on the inside early. Your clients will be surprised and pleased at the rapid progress.

“I didn’t have to worry at all. The crew was amazing and the frame went up without any issues.”
—Jim M. (Contractor)

Hardwick Post & Beam