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Hardwick Post & Beam frames are unique for each client.

Each Hardwick Post & Beam frame is unique for each client.

Frames are custom-designed

We’ve built more than 500 timber frames of all sizes.  Each one was custom designed – with no two  alike. Frames vary in size, wood species, structural elements (such as trusses), and details. Since each frame is unique for each client, the frames below are only examples.



The type of truss varies depending on the structural needs of the particular building. This is a queenpost trust.


A truss is an assembly of timbers that form a triangle under a roof. The purpose of the truss is to span a distance too great for a single beam without support posts. The design of the truss depends on the distance to be spanned and also on the preference of the client for a particular visual effect. See various trusses pictured and described below.


Kingpost truss: one central post under tension extends from a tie beam at the bottom of the apex of the triangular truss. Additional bracing and struts may be added for additional strength and visual interest. The lower chord (tie beam) may be curved.





Queenpost truss: two posts sit on the bottom chord, allowing a wider span than a kingpost. Additional braces and struts can extend the span farther and provide visual interest.





Hammerbeam truss: the lower chord is divided to increase the space beneath the truss, with added bracing and a second chord higher in the assembly.

Scissor truss: the roof is supported with diagonal crossing ties from eave posts to opposite rafters to allow for greater spans than with the rafters alone.



The dramatic overhang on this barn frame is a custom-designed detail.Details

Frame details are determined by the engineering needs of the particular structure and the client’s preferences. As a result, each Hardwick Post & Beam frame is unique.



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