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“My wife and I have now worked with Hardwick Post & Beam on four projects. There is no one else I would even consider to do our work.”
—Warren J.

Who we are

small company of craftsmen

Hardwick Post & Beam is a small company of craftsmen shaped by two generations of a family over thirty five years. Shortly after forming our company, we worked with other timber framers around the country to co-found the Timber Framer’s Guild, “dedicated to the art and science of timber framing.”

Over the years we’ve learned to listen carefully to our clients’ needs and ideas for their project and then bring our decades of experience to their vision. In our Massachusetts workshop, we design the timber frame and cut the joinery, then travel to the clients’ site to assemble and erect their frame.

Come visit us in Hardwick to meet the team ready to help you with your next dream project.

How we work

Timber Craftsmen Reviewing the Plans
First of all, we approach each project as a team. Though we are a small company, we have a spacious shop and a skilled crew of craftsmen, so we can take on the most challenging or complex jobs. Founded in 1983, Hardwick Post & Beam has moved into its second generation of ownership. Christian Gudmand, our owner, who came to us from an engineering career, oversees the projects from start to finish. Our timber framers are all knowledgeable craftsmen skilled in every phase of building the structure.  This is our process:

  • Working with our client (or contractor or architect), we develop the frame design.
  • Then we measure and cut the timbers and joinery using hand-held tools.
  • And finally raise the frame on site, securing it with sturdy, wooden pegs.

Timber Frame with Hardwick Trailer

A good experience, a beautiful frame

Most importantly, we communicate and coordinate with the owner (or architect or contractor) from start to finish. The result is a seamless and enjoyable process for all involved.

We do skilled work on interesting projects for appreciative clients—it doesn’t get any better than this.


“It’s been a long year with a lot decisions to make—we’re glad you were there with us.”
—Nora and Bob W.

Hardwick Post & Beam