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Whatever it takes

Looking at the photo above, you might think, “Wow – er – what is it?”  Hint: this structure will be at the center of a large house addition; when we raise the frame, the interlocking timbers shown will be twelve feet in the air. This cross-gable truss system will be the focal point of a new,T-shaped room where our clients can entertain and enjoy their piano.

Scroll down to see a schematic drawing of just the addition. (The existing house is not shown.) When the frame is up, anyone standing in the addition at the place where the two sections of the room intersect will see the dramatic underside of the structure in the photo. We’ll be sure to snap a picture of that to post.

Typically we preassemble trusses in the shop and then truck them to the building site, ready to install. In the case of this complex truss system, however, the crew assembled the structure in the shop to make sure everything fit perfectly – nice job, Kurt! – and then disassembled it.  Now the entire frame is packed, ready for shipping to the house site.


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