The timber frame porch Published on June 17, 2014

Burke's porch ceilingWhile some homeowners use big expanses of glass to “bring the outside in,” timber frame owners often want to bring the inside out with a timber frame porch.

One of the two examples shown here is a front stoop just large enough for a rocking chair. The owner painted the porch timbers blue-green to match the exterior house trim. The contrast of the painted timbers against the wood tone of the roof boards highlights the framing and adds to the charm of a porch nestled in a colorful cottage garden.

McKinstry cabin porch sceneryThe second porch pictured extends to the full length of the farmhouse’s simple facade. The owners created a relaxing retreat for the end of the day by painting the timbers and porch floor a grey-brown similar to the clapboards and metal roof of the house. The subdued earth tones used throughout produce a restful effect and make the greens of the rural landscape “pop.”

McKinstry timber frame cabin porch

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