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Lofty Thoughts

People love lofts.

We’re talking about a walk-able area close to the roof of a building and partially visible from the floor below.  (Think: hayloft.)  In a house, a loft includes a railing of some kind.

Many clients who envision a cathedral ceiling in their new home want a loft as well. This feature adds to the visual excitement of the cathedral area.  The photo on the left  shows the view from the loft of a great room addition.

We urge people to think carefully about how they will use the loft space; it will not be entirely private or perfectly quiet. Depending on the size of the house and the floor plan, the loft might be a home office, a second-floor family room, or a hallway leading to bedrooms. People with vacation homes often want a loft to tuck in overflow guests.

In the photo below, an upstairs office that might otherwise feel cramped and uninviting, is enlivened by the glimpse of downstairs – and by the interesting floor!



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