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Building a barn


Why show a building lot with no building?  Because we’re announcing – drumroll – a new photo series that will document how we design and build a barn, start to finish.  This photo represents the first step in the process: looking at the site.

The next step is talking to the owner about how the barn will it be used. For livestock? Antique car collection? Storage? Studio? On this page are two very different barns. (See many more here).  The design for these, and every barn we’ve built, started with the purpose of the barn. Often form follows function.

So, the owner of the lovely central New England site shown above, needs a horse barn with a second floor hayloft.  And a cupola.

We’ll snap a photo of every step of construction.

Then we’ll use the new photos to update our guide Designing a Barn, which you can find now on our website here.


Stay tuned to our Facebook page as this new barn develops!





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