Sunny side up Published on October 15, 2014

solar panels energy efficient farmsFarm door on custom timber frame barnGrey Barn Farm is primarily about food and farming—but clearly about energy as well.

An old grey barn was already on the site when the new owners asked us to build additional barns and outbuildings to realize their vision of a diversified farm, with a dairy as the core business.  A major goal was for the farm to supply its own energy.

grass fed cattleNow the solar arrays are on the roofs, an orchard is in, poultry peck in the yard, and a herd of grass-fed, Dutch Belted cattle provide milk, cream, and cheese for the farm stand.

Grey Barn Farm grass-fed cows dairy productsFind out more about Grey Barn Farm’s projects and products on their website and see photos of their new home from Architectural Digest, summer, 2014.

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