Recipe for happiness Published on January 17, 2014

This is how we like them to look on raising day. Not our frames—our clients.

happy client photo, med_ IMG_8414The photo shows a very happy Maria Helena Bridgeman on the day we raised the timber frame of the home she and her husband built in Connecticut.

Though we don’t really have a recipe, the way we work with our clients, work with each other, and cut and erect our frames, usually makes everybody happy, including us. In this case, Maria Helena’s husband, Craig Bridgeman, wrote an article for the Timber Framer’s Guild about their experience working with Hardwick Post & Beam. In the article Craig describes how the process unfolded from the time the couple found us on the web and made an appointment:

R&N at goat barn2, med“A week later, father and son were sitting at our dining room table sketching a floor layout and a rough schematic on a quadrille pad….in 45 minutes they resolved several nagging layout questions for us.

This was the only company that permitted us to see their craftsmen at work and in fact encouraged us to do so.

Our framers also supplied us with a checklist and a timetable for the site work we had to complete….And at the raising their crew interacted like the Blue Angels squadron of timber framing. They willingly and cheerfully answered our questions and explained operations of interest.”

Here’s the punch line. After we built their house, Craig, whose career had been in sales, came to work for Hardwick Post & Beam as a sale’s rep. From a satisfied customer, Craig’s sales pitch rings true.

But the picture of Maria Helena is worth a thousand words.

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