Contemporary guest house

A barn frame adds drama to a seaside summer cottage.

Guest room at seashore

Project Details

Client need—For this seaside guest house, architect Heikki Soikkeli, of Soikkeli & Company Inc., envisioned a striking interior with high ceilings, authentic materials, and uncluttered lines. The timber frame needed to complement contemporary décor.

What we did—We built an open-bay barn frame. Though barns are laid out for practical use, they have universal appeal. This spacious layout allows easy movement through the cottage, and the simple frame plan showcases the clean lines of the carefully chosen furnishings, appointments and appliances.

The only departure from a classic barn design are curved windbraces instead of the straight braces found in a traditional barn. The curves, along with the mellow tone of the wood, add a welcoming softness to the interior. The master bedroom is tucked away in a loft at one end of the house—the hayloft on a farm—that overlooks the living area below. Even the roof has a typical barn pitch and a cupola. On a farm, a cupola ventilates the barn; here it offers a view of the Atlantic.

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