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It’s a barn – it’s a house – it’s –


The underside of the cupola as seen from below.

Looking at this handsome, open-bay frame with a cupola on top, one might assume it will be a barn. Close: it’s actually a barn-style house.  Everyone loves a barn, and barn framing – typically three bays with an open area down the center – works well for an open-plan house.

In addition to bedrooms on the second floor, this house will have a game room upstairs. Whereas the purpose of a barn cupola is to ventilate the building, here the cupola in the center of the cathedral ceiling will bring light and drama into the game room.

In the photo of the frame, the tree nailed to the cupola is in keeping with a timber-frame tradition to put up a tree when the highest point of construction is reached.

We raised and pegged this frame in three days, and enjoyed working with South Shore Builders, the contractors on the job.

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